Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Don't Cross The Line (Isabel Minhos Martins)

This was a strange story. It was a little difficult as a read aloud. There is a lot in every illustration. We loved the illustrations.  This story seemed right for this bizarre Donald Trump era...but no one really made that connection in my class. They just thought it was funny. It is cool how the illustrator made the line the half of the book. We chuckled as the people started to cross the line.

It would be a good book to read to talk about standing up for injustices and creating change peacefully.

Another reader's summary:

 There is a wonderfully subversive tone to the entire book, winking and laughing at the threat of not being able to cross what is not usually a boundary in a book. Still, there is a real general and a real threat that is disarmed by numbers and action. It is a wonderful book to share when talking about the importance of demonstrating and standing for causes.

Goodreads summary:

This slapstick postmodern tale is also a profound statement about dictatorship and peaceful revolution, from an award-winning author/illustrator team.

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