Thursday, October 6, 2016

Doors in the Air (David Weale, Pierre Pratt)

This is a beautiful book! One of my students brought it to school for her Special Student presentation. I love the analogy in this book of how doors lead us to so many great things. It starts with doors at home and continues on building on the metaphor. It is poetic and sing-song-y. Loved it!

Goodreads summary:

Doors in the Air is the story of a boy who is fascinated by doors. He marvels at how stepping through a doorway can take him from one world to another. He is especially enthralled by the doors of his imagination, which he refers to as "doors in the air." He delights in discovering that when he passes through these doors, he leaves behind all feelings of boredom, fear and unpleasantness.
Doors in the Air is a lilting journey through house doors, dream doors and, best of all, doors in the air. 

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