Tuesday, March 15, 2016

And Two Boys Booed (Judith Viorst)

Our class has enjoyed a number of Judith Viorst books lately: Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday, and Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. There are a few more in our TBR pile too! We especially loved the flaps in this book.

I thought this one was perfect because we are just about to embark on a couple days of performances for the talent show in music class (even I am going to perform!)

We liked how the boy who is about to perform showed that he was more and more nervous by his shirt going further and further over his face. Kids notice the greatest things in illustrations!

On the day of the talent show, a boy is ready to sing his song, and he isn't one bit scared because he has practiced a billion times, plus he's wearing his lucky blue boots and his pants with all ten pockets. But as all of the other kids perform before him, he gets more and more nervous. How the boy overcomes his fear of performing in front of the class makes a charming and funny read-aloud, complete with ten novelty flaps to lift.  

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