Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ralph Tells a Story (Abby Hanlon)

I keep running into Abby Hanlon lately. I heard about this book from Travis Jonker at:

Then, soon after that, Abby Hanlon wrote a blog post for Nerdy Book Club, a blog I read pretty much every day:

It is amazing to me that she both wrote and illustrated the book. Talk about talent!

I love this story! I have been thinking that I should have my students do more free writing. I would like to start each day by letting them write whatever they would like to write. This book will be a great one for introducing students to this idea.

The book jacket says:

Nothing ever happens to Ralph. So every day when it's time to write stori s, Ralph think really hard. He stares at his paper. He stares at the ceiling.

But he had no stories!

With the help of his classmates, Ralph realizes that a great story can be about something very small...and that maybe he does have some stories to tell.

This book will be great for those kids who just get stuck with writer's block.

I so relate to his feeling about sharing his writing. Nerve racking!!

Not sure these tips will work in my classroom, but they are cute! Perhaps we could write our own tips!

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