Saturday, July 19, 2014

Emily's Blue Period (Cathleen Daly)

Every year I read a story with my student's about Picasso in a unit on imagination. This would be a great addition to that part of our unit. The feelings Emily has a realistic and could provide for a great discussion on children's experiences. She makes connections with what she knows about Picasso's art with her own life. Children could draw or write after about experiences in their own lives that bring about different feelings.

Goodreads Summary:

Emily wants to be an artist. She likes painting and loves the way artists like Pablo Picasso mixed things up.Emily's life is a little mixed up right now. Her dad doesn't live at home anymore, and it feels like everything around her is changing.

“When Picasso was sad for a while,” says Emily, “he only painted in blue. And now I am in my blue period.”

It might last quite some time.

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